Evaluation materials

Evalutation Materials

  1. Protocol for experimentation : It’s a sort of guide. It is intended to describe the standard conditions for testing of training sessions. We envisage having 1 leader + 1 observer for a group of 10 people. The monitoring form is to be completed for each individual. If this is not the case, one leader is enough. However, if one person is engaged in training and leading the group, it will not be possible for him/her to complete the monitoring form for each individual.
  2. Evaluation . To be completed by leader/s at the end of each unit/session. Compulsory
  3. Monitoring Form . It should be completed for each participant. It’s not compulsory. It can be filled in if there is one person in addition to the leader, who supports the group.
  4. Appendix 1 . Optional. Intended as support for evaluation. You are not obliged to answer it. It’s just a help.

Download Evaluation Materials (zip)