European People’s Party

eppenThe European People’s Party can be called EPP for short.
The EPP understand that there will be many challenges for Europe in 2009.
The EPP have many aims:
To Create Success and Wealth for Everyone

  1. The EPP want to tackle the recession.
    A recession is a time in a country when not many goods and services are bought or sold.
    There can be more unemployment during this time so it can be harder to get a job
  2. To Protect Our Planet
    Global warming means that the air and the oceans are getting hotter.
    Global warming is not good for our planet.
    Most global warming happens because there are greenhouse gases in the air.
    Greenhouse gases come from burning oil, gas and coal.
    Greenhouse gases keep the sun’s energy on the earth, which is why the planet is getting warmer
    The EPP want to try to reduce greenhouse gases and promote safer ways to make energy.
  3. To Make Europe a Safer Place
    The EPP want to work against terrorism.
    The EPP want to help Europe to work better with other countries.
    The EPP want to keep food at a good quality and a price people can afford.
    The EPP want to create new jobs.
    The EPP want to spend time and money on education.
    The EPP want to encourage banks to protect the money that people save
    The EPP vote “YES” to the Lisbon Treaty.
    The Lisbon Treaty is an agreement among some European countries, whose aim is to make a stronger Europe.
  4. To Help the Whole Population
    The EPP want to make pensions and retirement better.
    The EPP want to introduce better childcare and housing policies.

The EPP wants to build a strong European Union. All we need is your vote!