Learning Objects

learningobjA learning object is a resource, digital and web-based, that can be used and re-used to support learning.

Learning objects offer a new conceptualization of the learning process: rather than the traditional “several hour chunk”, they provide smaller, self-contained, re-usable units of learning.

Learning Objects

  • Are self-contained – each learning object can be taken independently
  • Are reusable – a single learning object may be used in multiple contexts for multiple purposes
  • Can be aggregated – learning objects can be grouped into larger collections of content, including traditional course structures
  • Are tagged with metadata – every learning object has descriptive information allowing it to be easily found by a search.

Here are 4 Learning Objects, they can be used either by individuals or as part of a structured curriculum.

Information is presented using easy-to-read text and interactive games.

omini-bandiere_euHistory and Growth of the European Union
Drapeaux européens devant le BerlaymontHow the European Union Works – The Government Institutions
simboliueThe Symbols of the EU
parlamentoeuropeoWords of politics