BALLOT BOXit is a box where you put the folded ballot paper after you have voted. urna_elettorale
BALLOT PAPERvery election has its ballot papers. It is a paper given at the polling station where everyone indicates the person or party that he/she wants to vote for. schede-elettorali1
ELECTIONis when people vote to elect representatives. Elected representatives discuss and vote on what concerns the people in that country. elezioni
ELECTORAL REGISTERevery citizen 18 years and older must register to exercise his/her right to vote. Electoral_Form
PARLIAMENTit is the place where parliamentarians meet, that is the people that have been elected for running the country. The word Parliament means also the whole of the parliamentarians. european_parliament_brussel
POLITICAL PARTYis a group of people who have the same political ideas.For that they meet and establish rules and common targets. europaeische_parteien_IT
POLLat the end of voting all the ballot papers are taken out of the ballot box and votes are counted. This is called POLL. scrutinio
POLL CLERKis the person who welcomes people at the polling station, gives them vote and at the end counts the votes. Roma, Liceo Virgilio  14 aprile 2008:votanti ai seggi elettorali
POLLING BOOTHinside the polling station there is a closed place where you can vote in private. cabina_el
POLLING STATIONit is the place where one can vote. It is open during certain hours on the days of the election. seggio_elettorale_adn--400x300



CLEAN ENERGYis the energy that does not pollute. An example of clean energy is the one generate by the sun through solar panels which are pieces of metal that take up the energy of the sun. energiapulita
CONSUMERSare those people who buy and who use different products. consumatore2
COUNTRY’S DEVELOPMENTit is when a country becomes richer because there is more work and people are buying more things. sviluppo
CULTUREmeans ideas, uses and customs of a society. news_aboriginal
DEMOCRATICis when everybody participates in the decisions. democrazia3
DISCRIMINATIONis when a person or a group of people are not treated fairly regardless of what they do. discriminazione2
ECONOMYmeans to sell and buy goods and services. economia
GENDERis the people’s sex. Women are of feminine gender, men are of masculine gender. Gender equality means to treat men and women in the same way and in a fair way. uguaglianza_di_genere
GLOBALIZATIONmeans that commerce, ideas and technologies circulate all around the world. What is happening in one country effects other countries. global
GREENHOUSE EFFECTis not good for the Earth. Means that pollution builds up a barrier around the world and makes the Earth gets warmer as in a greenhouse where you grow flowers. effetto_serra
INTOLERANCEis when a person or a group of people are treated badly regardless of what they do. discriminazione
MIGRATIONis the displacement of people through countries. Emigration is when somebody goes away from his country. Immigration is when people from other countries come in our country. migrazioni2
PRIORITYare very important things that must be done first. priorita
PROGRESSIVEis an action which causes a change. progressista
RECESSIONit is a period of time when people do not spend money and sell a lot. During this time there could be more unemployment and it is difficult to find jobs. economia_recessione_paese-713977
SUSTAINABLEwe use this word for a development that does not harm the environment. svilupposostenibile
WELFAREa state of well-being. Well-being when the State ensures that everybody has what they need for living. benessere