Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe

alde1The Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe can be called ALDE for short
ALDE has a plan for Europe.
ALDE has ten political priorities.

Priorities are the most important things that must be dealt with first.

  1. To help to make peace between all people in the European Union
    The European Union can be called the EU for short
  2. To make EU peace keeping missions abroad stronger
  3. To explain the work of the European institutions to all people in the EU
    The European Institutions are:
    The European Parliament
    The European Commission
    The Council of Ministers
  4. To remove all kinds of discrimination in the EU
    Discrimination is when a person or group of people are not treated in a fair way and do not have the same rights as everybody else
  5. To make sure a good education from school to college is available
  6. To create wealth and success for people of the EU by making new jobs and better business plans.
  7. To make sure people can see clearly how money in the EU is spent and to make sure the budget decisions are fair.
  8. To protect the environment by solving climate, public health and food safety problems.
  9. To make globalisation work for everyone
    Globalisation means that businesses, ideas and technologies spread throughout the world
  10. To include all European regions in decision-making and help poorer regions to grow and to develop.