Independence – Democracy Group

id1The Independence / Democracy Group can be called ID for short.
The ID is made up of 22 people from 9 countries
This group do not all share the same ideas
It is a group that represents independent candidates

Independent candidates are politicians that do not belong to any political party

The ID have four aims:

  1. Vote ‘No’ to the Lisbon Treaty
    The Lisbon Treaty is about the rules of the European Union
    The European Union can be called the EU for short
    The ID say there is no such thing as a single “European People”
    The ID say every person belongs to their own country
    Some members of the group from the U.K would even like their country not to be part of the EU.
  2. Make it easy to understand what happens in the EU.
    The ID want the public to know more about decisions made in the EU about how it:

    • Collects and spends money
    • Makes and changes laws
  3. To remove all kinds of discrimination in the EU.
    Discrimination is when a person or group of people are not treated in a fair way and do not have the same rights as everybody else
  4. To respect each country
    The ID think it is important that every culture is respected in the EU.

    Culture is a word for the ideas and customs of a society