Party of European Socialists

pseen  The Party of European Socialist can be called PES for short.
The PES wants us to vote for a progressive European Union

Progressive means action that brings change
“People first” is the title of the PES plan

The PES have 6 priorities to bring change:
Priorities are the most important things that must be dealt with first

  1. To make the economy strong again
    The economy means the buying and selling of goods and services
  2. The PES wants to create a ‘New Social Europe’ to give people a fairer deal
  3. The PES wants to work against climate change
    Climate change is not a good for the Earth
  4. The PES wants there to be gender equality in Europe
    Gender equality means treating men and women in the same and fair way
  5. The PES wants to develop a migration policy
    A Migration policy is the a list of rules about people moving between different countries
  6. The PES wants to make Europe a world partner for peace, security and development.